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  • International Marketing
  • Marketing your business online
  • Writing for Web
March 15-17, 2017
Venue: Business Expert Lounge, Oxford
Oxford Experts' sessions – a unique blend of finest and effective techniques from UK best Professors and practitioners.
MARCH 15, 2017
‘International Marketing’
MARCH 16, 2017
‘Marketing Your Business Online’
MARCH 17, 2017
'Writing for Web'
Fee for the event is 1350 GBP, but only before January 20, 2017 we offer special fee - 980 GBP!
Courses are to be held in VIP format in the Academic Lounge, Oxford. Seats are limited to 12 only.
*The fees are indicated excluding VAT
Dr Xuemei Bian

Globally known Marketing researcher and author at a number of journals on marketing and social psychology. Consumer behaviour expert at UK Trading Standards. Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Business School of the University of Kent, UK
March 15, 2017
‘International Marketing’
Key points of the session:
  • How has the international environment changed within in the last few years?
  • What are the good, what the bad news?
  • What are the challenges for the senior managers?
  • What are the success factors for the international marketing operation?
  • Q&A
Ms. Luan Wise

An independent marketing practitioner with 15 years experience in full service agency (client side and consultancy roles). As a Marketing Manager she supported sales growth of turnover in 20 times over 5 years (featuring in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 two years running).
March 16, 2017
‘Marketing Your Business Online’
Key points of the session:
  • Strategies of online business activity
  • Social Networks as the powerful tool
  • How to discover new marketing segment
  • Make your ads in Web effective
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads
  • Professional, informational tutorial in your area of expertise
Robert Bullard
Mr. Robert Bullard

Author of 'Business Writing Tips - For Easy and Effective Results'. Founder of 'Perfect Text', UK, a widely recognized trainer in business writing skills, an experienced public speaker in UK and abroad

March 17, 2017
'Writing for Web'
Key points of the session:
  • How online readers behave, and how to design and plan web content accordingly
  • Ways to write more effective content for websites
  • SEO, Adwords, on-page and off-page optimisation, etc., and how to use them to improve a website's ranking on Google
  • Delegates' websites evaluation and improvement tips
  • Learn some techniques for successful management of websites: the importance of reader accessibility, the use of styleguides, and how to proofread effectively
Special price for the programme is available till
January 20, 2017 – 980 GBP!
*The fees are indicated excluding VAT
Certificate of Attendance from Oxford for all participants!
Certificate of Attendance Marketing
Testimonials of our VIP participants:

• Dr. Swapna Patawari, Associate professor, India:

'It was great pleasure to get associated with academic union for marketing programme held in month of november2016. It enhanced the knowledge in field of digital marketing, branding and specially how to create personal brand. Lectures delivered by senior academicians enhanced the knowledge. It was an interactive experience with event other participants. Hospitality and layout was admirable.'


 • Mr. Robert Kintu, Managing Director, Uganda:

‘I really appreciated interaction and attendee-friendly environment. Thank you for informative workshops.’






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