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The Achievements Forum - 2017 (28th March, 2017)


The international ‘Achievement Forum’ is an authoritative multicultural platform to provide the audience with a unique opportunity to present themselves to prominent regional and global investors, academia and like-minded professionals. Participants will have the chance to hear from top executives, business gurus, senior state officials, University rectors, senior faculty and educational management experts from across the globe at plenary and breakout working sessions and share their ideas and experiences in a series of panel discussions, presentations and case studies.  

This year the Forum will host the Academic Union Oxford Open Session to provide a panel discussion on modern challenges and solutions in the field of education for prominent European and regional Universities, educational institutions and educational management professionals from 45 world countries.

Topics for key presentations and Q&A

1) Key-note: ‘Digital Transformation in Higher Education vs Traditional University’  

SimonNelson01Simon Nelson
CEO Futurelearn Ltd, UK

FutureLearn, new online learning venture offering open, online courses from leading UK and international universities: 91 partners from around the world. These include many of the best UK and international universities, as well as institutions with a huge archive of cultural and educational material, such as the British Council, the British Library, the British Museum, and the National Film and Television School. First courses were launched in September 2013 and since then 3,947,952 people have joined FutureLearn.
3-5 Presenters


2) Key-note: ‘Learning for Sustainable Development: Merging Key Education Priorities with Entrepreneurship’ 

Joss EussenJos Eussen
Rhine-Meuse, The OPEDUCA Project, Netherlands

The OPEDUCA Project aims at building regional alliances of Industry, Schools, Science, Governmental bodies and NGO's to bring Education back to student-focused future relevant learning. Enabling the young to learn Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody, through Any Device on those themes that will define their and our common future. Combing Inquiry-, Problem- and Community Based Learning, the OPEDUCA Project is the first initiative that put ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ at the base of education, dares to base development on the empowerment of Teachers and direct cooperation with the best in industry. 
3-5 Presenters


3) Key-note:  ‘Multicultural Education: Challenges of Educating for Equity and Cooperation in the Modern World’ 

Damian SpiteriDamian Spirteri
Lecturer at University of York, Author of the Bestselling Book on multicultural education, UK 

The author of the thought-provoking book - ‘Multiculturalism, Higher Education and Intercultural Education’ provides his vision about how multicultural education can serve to bring about greater equity among students and consequently can create 'cultures of respect' within our places of work. The author’s wide experience of both teaching and lecturing in Malta, Scotland, and England, has been further consolidated by his undergraduate degree in social work and a master's degree in community sociology, researches on teaching practices and pedagogy, particularly in the teaching of social work.
3-5 Presenters


Forum Moderators and Key-Note Speakers 


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Interactive introduction of the high-caliber EBA EXPERTS and a panel discussion with participation of regional private and public sector companies.

Key-topics for presenting and following discussion

1) ‘Personal Branding: Discovering, Defining and Reinforcing Credibility’
EBAOXFORD EXPERT 1: Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK
Upgrade your image and get advised by the globally acclaimed professional with more than 30 years of practical experience in international business development (Rolls Royce, IBM, EBA)

2) ‘How do I attract investors to my business and get best offers?
EBAOXFORD EXPERT 2: Heinz Wehrle, CEO, ‘Prime Business Destinations’, (UK), Managing Partner, Horwath HTL, Switzerland
Learn from a leading investment management expert with 35 years of international experience within the investment management and feasibility (over 16,000 successfully completed projects


Netting lecturerProf. John W.A. Netting
Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK 



Heinz Wehrle
Managing Partner, Horwath HTL, Switzerland


Ivan Savvov

Ivan Savvov
Director of International Relations, EBA Conferences, UK


rui-verdeDr. Rui Verde
Head of Law and Economics Department, the Academic Union Oxford, UK


Christina Briggs

Christina Briggs
Advisory Council Member to Guangdong CCPIT, Advisory Council Member to Link2China, President of 'The International Club of Leaders' by EBA, Founder and President of 'The Windsor Debates', CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK  

Michele RiondinoProf. Michele Riondino
Professor of Canon Law and Children's Rights in the School of Comparative Law, the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome


Vincenzo CostigliolaDr. Vincenzo Costigliola
Honourary President of the Academic Union, Oxford, European Medical Association, Belgium



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