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Academic Open Session ‘Quality in Education: Trends, Strategies, Practices’
at International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’

3 July 2017, Lucerne, Switzerland 

About Academic Open Session

Academic Open Session within the International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’ will be concentrated on quality philosophy and top trends, strategies and quality management practices from the leadership and competitiveness perspective. It will be dedicated to ‘Quality in Education: Trends, Strategies, Practices’. The main focus of the conference will be on the role models of excellence of leading regional universities and higher education institutions as well as on strategies of education management. Participants will gather together to share and learn from each other for academic improvement and positive social transformation, to present their achievements in the field of education.  

Key participants 

  • Rectors, chancellors, upper-level executives of Universities, higher education institutions and innovative research centers as well as higher education managers and professionals.
  • Acclaimed Swiss and international educational professionals.
  • Academic Union, Oxford(AUO) members.  


Format of the Session

1. The workshop ‘OXFORD ADVANCED PROGRAMME IN HIGH EDUCATION LEADERSHIP’ provided by Dr. Rui Verde, Author, Professor of Law, Human Rights Adviser, Head of Law & Economics Department, AU Oxford, Ph.D. Law, University of Newcastle, UK.

2. The panel discussion on modern challenges and solutions in the field of education.

3. Presentations from rectors and senior management of regional Universities and higher educational institutions of their professional achievements and innovative developments.

4. Admission of new members to the Academic Union, Oxford and Club of Rectors of Europe followed by results announcement of the annual Open Competition ‘Scientist of the Year’


About Workshop

It will address workable strategies and an overview of the highest standards to the educational sector policies, evaluation of performance and skills, pedagogical and financial planning, budgetary competences.

The key points:
1. Educational Administration and Management
2. Education Policies
3. Management of Educational Organizations
4. Pedagogical Organization and Diversity
5. Human Resources Management in Education
6. Financial Management
7. Budgeting revenues and expenses
8. Planning financially
9. Control and Auditing
10. Raise funding tasks


The presenter of the workshop

rui-verdeDr. Rui Verde
Head of Law and Economics Department, the Academic Union Oxford, UK   

An efficient legal adviser, chief consultant (political, economic and legal risks concerning investments and activities in South America, Southwest Europe, and Africa), visiting lecturer of International Finance 


Speakers and key topics   

Key-topics for presenting and following discussion

1) ‘How to implement Oxford education quality standards to national university management and education process?’
2) ‘Learning for Sustainable Development: Merging Key Education Priorities with Entrepreneurship’
3) ‘Multicultural Education: Challenges of Educating for Equity and Cooperation in the Modern World’


Netting lecturerProf. John W.A. Netting
Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK 


Joss EussenJos Eussen
Rhine-Meuse, The OPEDUCA Project, Netherlands


Damian SpiteriDamian Spirteri
Lecturer at University of York, Author of the Bestselling Book on multicultural education, UK 





Programme (PDF)


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