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The Academic Union is an international academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, Scientists and Researchers. The committees and the Union as a whole pursue the ideals of Academic Excellence, Innovation and Accessibility and are committed to disseminating these core values through its worldwide community.The primary aim of the Union is to consolidate the efforts of scientists, educators, industrialists, and manufacturers on science, education and business integration and development in the XXIst century.

Leaders of higher education, institutions, colleges, researchers, scientists, teachers, and representatives of higher education and business structures can join the Academic Union, regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. In addition, educational organizations and institutions can join the Academic Union as associate members. 

The Academic Union members are invited to attend the annual Union gathering - Summit of Leaders, which is traditionally held in Oxford since 2000, as well as other activities of the Union’s partners to share experiences, discuss new research and gain support from each other.


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Welcome address from Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, Honourary President of the Academic Union Oxford (AUO)


Dr Costigliola smDear members, colleagues and friends, 
It is with great honour that I have accepted the position of President of the Academic Union.
I am delighted to be joining the Academic Union at a very exciting time; full of ambitious projects, expansions, and no doubts, challenges.
I am committed to provide support in order for these projects to be successfully completed. 

In particular I’m thinking of the plans to have a new Academic Lounge in 2016; at the plans to increase the members of the Speakers Bureau and the project in which I strongly believe which will look into expanding the influence of our network of Universities to promote student exchange and the exchange of academic resources.
Part of the activities undertaken for the past 25 years by the European Medical Association, of which I am founder and President, are to research and promote all resources available at national and international level.
Of course the Academic Union is amongst those valued resources.
The programs and objectives presented by the AU are broad and stimulating, facing the increasing needs of a rapidly evolving multicultural and multi-ethnic society.
Being able to actively contribute to the realisation of the projects that AU suggests becomes for me a professional as well as a personal commitment which, however, will need everyone’s effort, support and continuous enthusiasm to overcome any upcoming challenges in order to achieve our much wanted results. I look forward to working with you all.


Mission and Vision

OAU memThe Academic Union mission is integration and coordination of the educational institutions, scientific research institutes and business structures to enhance and improve educational research, educational and cultural activities, and to provide scientific ideas and inventions implementation.

Its vision is to support the endeavours of its members, for the innovative projects and programmes, as well as raise interest and funding for such projects.

Members are joined to actively participate in the following international projects:

  • Develop a common agenda on education, scientific and technical cooperation, modern technologies
  • Establish an International Center for Educational Programmes in Oxford (UK) to organize education and training on its basis for Top Managers and students from Union members with the corresponding issuance of certificates
  • Organisation of the Rector's Office (Rectors' Lounge Service) in Oxford (UK)
  • Annual gathering of Union members - Summit of Leaders, Oxford
  • Inclusion of AU member information research and accomplishments in the ‘The Socrates Almanac’, CD, subscription to Socrates Almanac and E-magazine 'The Leaders' Times'
  • Interactive Leaders Network with access to the websites of its Union members
  • Recommendation of the Union members to the Speakers Bureau
  • Presentation of the Academic Union members’ interests as well as their patronage at prestigious forums, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions
  • Establishment of nominal grants and scholarships to Union members’ universities promoting scientific, creative and social activities of its members
  • Organisation of the international competition of professional advancement
  • Nominations for honorary titles and awards will be presented to AU members who are prominent scientists, teachers, managers and students
  • Academic Visits to Oxford: meeting with Academic Union representatives, organizing of presentations, meetings and events. Private excursions

  • A high-quality consultancy service in the fields of business, finance, auditing, law, certification, recruitment, education and property investment.

  • Access to the Academic Lounge in Oxford 


Academic Council


Dr Costigliola smDr. Vincenzo Costigliola

Honorary President of the Academic Union Oxford
President of the European Medical Association, Belgium


Ivan SavvovIvan Savvov

Executive Director of the Academic Union Oxford
Director of International Relations, EBA Conferences, UK


Prof Glauco De VitaProf Glauco De Vita

Head of the Economic Departament of the Academic Union Oxford
BA Hons, MPhil, PhD, FHEA, Coventry University, UK 


Heinz Wehrle

CEO, Prime Business Destinations
Managing Partner of Horwath HTL, Switzerland – Global  


Netting lecturerProf. John W.A. Netting
Director General of European Business Assembly, UK



VerdeDr. Rui Verde

Head of the Law and Economics Department of the Academic Union Oxford
PhD Law. University of Newcastle, UK 



Dr. Iain B. McIntosh
President of the British Global and Travel Health Association, UK 




Diana Berezanska
Coordinator of the Academic Union Oxford, UK



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