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Join a 3-day intensive learning course on educational management for rectors and senior administrators of Universities and high education institutions. Enhance your skills on management of educational organizations and human resources, pedagogical and financial planning, evaluation of performance with a Certificate of attendance from Oxford. The language of the Programme will be the Portuguese.

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Key points: 
Educational Administration and Management
  Education Policies
  Management of Educational Organizations
  Pedagogical Organization and Diversity
  Human Resources Management in Education
Financial Management
  Budgeting revenues and expenses
  Planning financially
  Control and Auditing
  Raise funding tasks


“Oxford tutorial and consultancy”: The sessions will comprehend two parts: one of interactive exposition, other to discuss and advise the attendees ideas and projects concerning the subject of the workshop.

Sessions will be held in Portuguese


Why get training programmes of the Academic Union Expert Centre?
- Original and workable strategies + useful experience
- Certificate of attendance for each participant
- VIP format, group size maximum up to 12 participants
- Comfortable and participant-friendly environment
- B2B networking

About the author and presenter 

rui-verdeDr. Rui Verde
Head of the Law & Economics Department, AU Oxford, PhD Law. University of Newcastle, UK
An efficient legal adviser, chief consultant (political, economic and legal risks concerning investments and activities in South America, Southwest Europe, and Africa), visiting lecturer of International Finance

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