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A 3-day Intensive Expert Session




August 23-25, 2017
Venue: The Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK

Oxford Expert sessions – a unique blend of standard classic European education and the best and successful practices.
August 23, 2017
‘Power in Business Relationships’
August 24, 2017
‘Employee Motivation’
August 25, 2017
‘Organisational Behaviour’
Fee for the 3-day session is 980 GBP!
Seats are limited to 12 only.
*Fee is indicated excluding VAT
Prof. Martin Hingley

  A front man of a international think tank group with a diverse range of research interests (sustainable value for market, chain and network stakeholders).
Chair of Strategic Marketing at University of Lincoln (Lincoln Business School), UK 
August 23, 2017
‘Power in Business Relationships’
Key points:
  • An understanding of power in interpersonal relationships
  • Power, trust, symmetry and asymmetry
  • How has power been applied in a business context?
  • Transactions or relationships in business?
  • Use of power in business relationships. Is it all bad?
  • Relationship Marketing (RM)
Dr. Rui Verde

  Head of the Law and Economics Department, AU Oxford, PhD Law. London BPP University, UK. An efficient legal adviser, chief consultant (political, economic and legal risks concerning investments and activities in South America, Southwest Europe, and Africa), visiting lecturer of International Finance. 
August 24, 2017
‘Employee Motivation’
Key points:
  • Why we work determines how well we work
  • The six main reasons why people work
  • Three motives that tend to increase performance
  • Three motives that hurt performance
  • The question of culture and organisation
Prof. John W.A. Netting

Internationally acclaimed expert with more than 30 years of practical professional experience in business development (Rolls Royce, IBM). Joint Managing Partner, International Strategic Management (ISM). CEO of the Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.  
August 25, 2017
‘Organisational Behaviour’
Key points:
  • Effective strategies and implementation policies for international business
  • The role of effective expatriate management
  • Effective cross-cultural communication for international team-working
Special price for the event is 980 GBP!
*Fee is indicated excluding VAT
Certificate of Attendance from Oxford for all participants!
Certificate of Attendance Managing High Perfoming Teams HR
Testimonials of our VIP participants:

• Mr. Elliot Okudzeto, CEO, Ghana:

‘It was relaxing, fun, interactive and insightful.’


 • Mr. Robert Kintu, Managing Director, Uganda:

‘I really appreciated interaction and attendee-friendly environment. Thank you for informative workshops.’


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