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The Rectors' Club (The Club of the Rectors of Europe - CRE) is the elite division of the Academic Union, Oxford for University rectors, vice-chancellors and senior staff for improving educational programmes and expanding international and multicultural relations.

This organisation is dedicated to furthering communication and the exchange of ideas between rectors, deans and senior academics throughout the world. Throughout the year, members of the CRE gather at events to share their experiences and discuss new ways of managing and improving their institutions.

Continually growing in membership numbers and spheres of influence, the CRE inspires development and action and rewards achievement through its unique awards programme; recipients include senior figures in education from many countries worldwide. The CRE currently consists of over a hundred members from 30 countries.

Full title of organisation: The Club of the Rectors of Europe.
Abbreviation: CRE.

The Club of the Rectors of Europe is a non-profit public organisation. In performing its statutory tasks, the CRE acts in accordance within the legal statutes of the United Kingdom and the guidelines of the European Universities' Great Charter.
Voluntary participation, educational integration, self-management and justice are the key principles of CRE activity.

The Club of the Rectors of Europe has been fully incorporated as a legal entity since the date of its official registration. The Club of the Rectors of Europe as an organisation is able to exert ownership over any number of properties (either intellectual or real property) and meet the obligations arising; can act on its own behalf to gain and execute civil liberties, incur obligations arising, and act as plaintiff and defendant in court. CRE is not responsible for the individual obligations of its members.

The Rectors’ Club can establish its own registered symbols including emblems, banners and pennants.

Members of the Club of the Rectors of Europe can be rectors, presidents or founders of higher educational institutions from any country or anyone involved in higher education.



Academic Council 



CRE JuriVice-president of CRE

Martin Jüri

Rector of Eurouniversity, Estonia

Born in 1940. Graduated from Tartu State University (1964). Received PhD from the Institute of Flora and Fauna Ecology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Botanic, Sverdlovsk, 1968). He obtained a habilitation in ecology (D.Sc. Degree) in 1988. He is Member of Estonian Academy of Sciences.   


AnastasiaSali-PapasaliSali Papasali Anastasia

Former Rector, Ionian University, Greece






Suat I Gunsel - Biography

Gunsel Suat Irfan

Founding Rector of the Near East University, North Cyprus 





CRE Plamen Legkostup AnatolievPlamen Legkostup Anatoliev

Rector, University of Veliko Turnovo 'St Cyril and St Methodius', Bulgaria






CRE Puskas Janos

Puskas Janos

Rector, Tessedik Sámuel College, Hungary






Vincent Tenebe

Vincent Ado Tenebe

Vice Chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria







Vice-president of CRE

Andrushenko Viktor

Ph.D., Professor, Rector of the National Drahomanov Pedagogical University, Full Member (Academician) NAPS Ukraine, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, President of the Association of Rectors of Pedagogical Universities in Europe, Ukraine



Dr.Issa Sabeel Al BulushiDr.Issa Sabeel Al Bulushi

College Chairman & CEO, Gulf college, Oman






CRE Tlektes JespolovTlektes Jespolov

Rector, Kazakh National Agrarian Universtiy, Kazakhstan







Novoselov Vladimir

Acting as Rector, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation State Instruction Institution of the Higher Professional Education 'Tyumen State Oil and Gas University', Russian Federation 






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