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University branding and merchandising 

June 13-14, 2018. Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK  



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The main aspects of the meeting:


cropped--1Author's program 'University branding and merchandising'

cropped--1Negotiations on cooperation and joint activities between universities and the Academic Union.

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Presentations and partnership proposals of rectors and heads of regional universities and higher education institutions


1. Special projects of the Academic Union:

- Educational Management Academy/ Intensive Training programmes and advanced training for educational management faculty and academics;
- Nominal chair based in Oxford, UK;
- ‘Guest Professor/ Guest Lecturer/ Guest Expert’ project: organization of lectures, seminars, workshops, training courses by TOP British and European University professors for higher education institutions globally, as well as ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford (AUO)’ / ‘Honorary Doctor of the Academic Union, Oxford’ project and nomination Procedures;
- ‘Speakers & Experts’ Bureau’ ‐ the international project to shortlisting best sector experts and acclaimed professors and lecturers to carry conferences and forums;
- The Smart Education Platform programme will allow you to conduct online lectures, conferences, webinars, including from the Academic Lounge in Oxford;
- AUO Publishing in Oxford monographs, scientific articles, etc;
- Nominal open grants for young scholars and students;
- ‘The Academic Lounge’ project (inclusive distant office and conference‐services in Oxford);
- Academic Working Sessions on the topic of modern challenges and solutions in the field of education and research;
- Visiting missions to the Universities of AUO members;
- ‘The Scientist of the Year’‐ open contest of the Academic and Research excellence;
- ‘The Name in Science’ ‐title nomination according to the world register of outstanding Scientists;
- ‘Best Regional University’ ‐award nomination according to the world register of higher Institutions;
- Design Studio project and services;
- The major international forum – the Summit of Leaders in Oxford as the branded annual gathering of AUO members. 


The meeting of the Educational Management Academy is devoted to the search for competitive advantages for higher educational institutions in conditions of intense competition at the national and global level.

As it was tested in the most modern and prestigious universities, the strategy considers the brand of university and its leader, corporate culture.

The brand:
- will help adequately withstand competition and add value to the university.
- will make the university attractive for applicants at home and abroad, for highly qualified teachers and scientists
- will make the University a prestigious venue for scientific, cultural and sporting events.
- will cope with such tasks as finances and loyalty of power structures.
- is also needed for universities that defend their presence in the category of world-class universities and those who solve more local problems.
The participants of the meeting will discuss the features of branding in the sphere of education and determine the strategies for developing a targeted branding policy that involves significant efforts in the field of advertising, PR and the use of other tools for building and promoting.
Do not remain without attention and best practices, creative branding tools, examples of effective campaigns.



This is a course by a former chairman of education companies and academic leader of universities, who has established new ventures in several countries.
Rui will cover the essential rules, tips and techniques to navigate thru the modern world of High Education branding and merchandising. The focus will be in attaining a perfect product mix that combines quality and prestige with efficiency in promoting a university.
How to be on social networks, the secret to be recognized, the importance of partnerships, the emotional relation with the student and personalized registration are topics to be addressed, considering the best practice examples as the University of Oxford, Harvard and some new major universities in emerging market countries.


180 round VerdeDr. Rui Verde.
Dr Verde holds a doctorate in law from the University of Newcastle (UK). He is a professor and consultant, human rights adviser and member of the closed working group of Oxford University and the London School of Economics.
Dr. Rui Verde is the general director of educational companies and the leader of universities in Europe and Africa.
He coordinated the Best MBA of Southern Brazil for several years.Created two universities from the scratch. Now he is implementing a new model of a social school in Portugal, based on the idea of uniting knowledge and modular organization. Is an author of books and scientific publications on education?

Why you need Rui`s course
Prepare you to promote your university worldwide
Will show how to make students desperate to enroll in your university
You able be proud of your work and institution

Key points
• The importance of branding in High Education
• The methods to promote a brand
• The merchandising techniques
• The institutional flair
• Social networks

• Partnerships
• Emotional elements
• Case studies: University of Oxford, University of Harvard, Universities in Brazil and other tailored situations



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