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Leadership confirmation tool
popularity and authority in the scientific, educational, and business environment
among students and entrants
The most interesting and popular project of the Academic Union Oxford


What does the competition give to the participants?


Hundreds of thousands of people on all continents of the world learn about your achievements.
The contest is announced to audiences from 130 countries of the world - among representatives of the educational and scientific spheres, in the media, social networks, and on the partners' websites.

You will receive an objective assessment of your performance.
Winners and finalists of the contest are determined by the results of an evaluation of the authoritative Tender Committee, as well as on-line voting of your colleagues and students.

The competition will confirm loyalty to the university.
Inform about your participation in the contest to partners, teachers, students, Place the banner of the contest with an appeal to vote for you. Find out - who votes for you, how many votes were given for you, and how many for your competitors.

Recognition of leadership in the industry and the region.
Competitors will receive special certificates. The finalists and winners will be included in the International Register 'TOP-50 INNOVATIVE RECTORS' and will receive the diploma of the winner of the competition.

You will conduct a presentation of the university, a scientific research endeavour, or an innovative project at one of the meetings of the Educational Management Academy at the Oxford Stock Exchange.


What is the competition for the development of the industry?

• Presentation and popularization of new trends in the management of the educational process and research activities, innovations in educational technologies, equipping the university and campus, developing the scientific, creative, and sports potential of students.,
• A powerful impetus for forming the brand of an educational institution.
• Identification of regional leaders in the field of educational management, promotion of their careers and professional development.
Your participation in the prestigious competition will be another step on the road to success and international recognition, confirming the high competitiveness of the university.
We are looking forward to the application of the contestants and we wish everyone a worthy victory.


What are the conditions for participation?




International competition ‘INNOVATIVE RECTOR OF THE YEAR’

The project aims to demonstrate successful cases of introducing innovations in leading regional universities and to compile an international register of progressive managers of higher education 'TOP-50 INNOVATIVE RECTORS', which are at the forefront of these changes.

Patronage and the Competition Commission
The Academic Union (Oxford, Great Britain), the Educational Management Academy, the electronic magazine 'The Leaders Times', the annual compilation 'Socratic Almanac' (ISSN 2053-4736), Oxford, UK;


Frequency: annually
Summing up and awarding the winners: Meetings of Educational Management Academy (including remotely, including delivery of the winner's diploma by courier and online participation in the meeting).


The 'TOP-50 INNOVATIVE RECTORS' register is formed from the number of participants and winners of the 'INNOVATIVE RECTOR OF THE YEAR'. The competition is published on the official website of the Academic Union, on official pages in social and professional networks, in the magazine 'The Leaders Times' , and in the annual ‘"Socratic Almanac’ collection " (ISSN 2053-4736), Oxford, Great Britain;


• To participate in the competition, it is necessary to apply for participation not later than August 15,. and provide illustrative information characterizing the activity and achievements of the contestant according to the criteria of the contest nomination in the form of photographs (no more than 5) / video (up to 3 minutes) / description, including tables, diagrams , graphics, evidence of international and national recognition, statistical data (no more than 2 pages of printed text).
• Each contestant receives the Certificate of the participant of the International Contest 'INNOVATIVE RECTOR OF THE YEAR' from the Academic Union (Oxford, UK) immediately after their registration in the Competition.
• Registration is deemed to have been completed when the contestant has sent out the completed Application Form and paid the registration fee.
• The certificate is sent by e-mail, or delivered at the meeting of the Educational Management Academy.

Winners in the nomination 'INNOVATIVE RECTOR OF THE YEAR'

• Winners are determined by how they implement innovative approaches in the management of the educational process, educational technologies, improve research activities, the quality level of teaching and technological equipment of the university and the campus, develop the scientific, creative, and sports potential of students, form the brand and corporate culture of the educational institution .
• The winners of the competition are determined within a year – r, but not later than December 15 of the current year – . on the basis of the decision of the Bid Evaluation Committee and on the results of an open vote on the basis of the official Internet resources of the Academic Union (site, social and professional networks).
• The diploma is sent to the winners by courier mail, or delivered at one of the meetings of the Educational Management Academy of the Academic Union.
• The participants of the competition get the right to conduct presentations and innovative projects, master classes, lectures and seminars at the meeting of the Educational Management Academy.

Payment of the registration fee.

To participate in the Contest, a participant pays a registration fee that covers expenses for:

• Dissemination of information about the contestant on the official resources of the Academic Union: in the news block of the site, in the electronic magazine 'The Leaders Times', on official pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Leaders Network, etc.);
• Organization and conduct of Internet voting;
• Ensuring the work of the Bid Evaluation Committee;
• Promotion of information on the Competition and contestants in the Internet space;
• Production of the Certificate of the participant and dispatch to its competitors;
• Publication of the register 'TOP - 50 INNOVATIVE RECTORS';
• Making of the Diploma of the laureate;.
• Organizing and conducting meetings of Educational Management Academy.




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