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Measuring quality and ranking at Universities & Creating Global Universities´ branches

November 20-21, 2018


This is a course by a former chairman of education companies and academic leader of universities, who has established new ventures in several countries.

Rui will cover the essential rules, tips and techniques to navigate thru the modern world of High Education in the search of academic excellence.

This course will have two parts. The first one regards the measures of university quality and rankings.

The second part relates with the creation of university branches in third countries. The focus will be how to measure quality and achieve the best positions in world rankings of universities and how to create university branches in other parts of the world that allow the sustained growth for the institutions.

The 2 days course will explore how universities can measure its quality and obtain good positions in worldwide. Simultaneous, the fundamental importance of creating new branches in different countries will be considered, as a way to extend the quality prospects of the university, as well its financial background.

Finally, the best practice examples will be studied, mainly the international rankings of universities as the Shanghai Ranking, THE Ranking and others. Additionally, the creation of branches in China by UK universities will be also analysed.


Why we chose Rui as an expert

Rui has been chairman of high education companies in Portugal, Angola and Brazil, and vice-rector of several universities.

He coordinated the Best MBA of Southern Brazil for several years.

Created two universities from the scratch.

He is a book author with several books published and as a PhD in Law obtained in England, where he teaches now.


Why you need Rui`s course

Prepare you to direct your university towards worldwide excellence
Will make students desperate to enrol in your university
You will be proud of your work and institution


Key points


  • Academic excellence worldwide. Patterns and paths
  • Measuring university quality. The main methods
  • Best practices to measure quality
  • The ranking question. Advantages and Disadvantages
  • The search of good positions in the rankings
  • Expansion of Universities. Branches and joint-ventures
  • Case studies: International University Rankings & Creation of branches in China per UK Universities


Schedule x 2 days


10:00-Registration and morning coffee
10:15-11:00-Interactive workshop
11:00-11:10-Coffee break
11:10-12:00-Interactive workshop
12:00-12:10-Coffee break
12:10-13:00-Interactive workshop
13:00-13:30-Q & A. Summary.
13:30-14:30-Lunch, Networking and Certificates presentation


verdeRui Verde-Short bio note

Rui has a PhD in Law from the University of Newcastle(UK). He is a Professor, author and consultant.

He was Professor of Law and Finance in several universities in the UK, Portugal, Brazil and Angola, as well vice-rector or vice-president in some of them.

Rui authored several books about law, politics and finance, and works as an independent consultant for some major institutions (USA Deparment of Defense-Education area; Deutsche Welle; Radio France International, UK security and intelligence consultants, etc.). He heads the Legal Affairs of an African watchdog for democracy and Human rights.

He is Director of Executive Programmes of the Academic Union, Oxford and member of the closed workgroup from the University of Oxford and LSE (London School of Economics) that is forging new research directions in the study of normative politics in Africa.


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