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Research/activities focus: Management of medical education. Medical and pharmaceutical management and medical law. Supervision of pre-professional medical education. Supersession of vocational education. Organizational behavior and self-organization of systems. Supervision in the field of medical and biological physics, medical informatics, biomedical ...


CountryRepublic Azerbaijan



CountryRepublic of Kazakhstan

Merkulova Yuliya Vladislavovna - candidate of economic sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History, honored worker of science and education of the Russian Federation, a member of the European Academy of Natural History, honorary doctor of science International Academy of Natural History. I was born in Moscow, and all the time I liv ...

CountryRussian Federation



Prof. Yuriy Ulyanov Doctor of medical sciences, MD, Ph.D. Director of the ENT-Center of the professor Ulyanov - http://www.airsilver.net Head of the ENT-Department of the Medical Centr "The 1-st Doctor", operation and consultation in the Medical Centr "The Best Clinics". Author developments to restore nasal aerodynamics, disorders which plays a lead ...


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