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Date: 2 July 2019
Venue: The Westin Palace, Milan, Italy


Offering a unique blend of ideas and inspiration, the Achievements Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s open-minded businesspeople, stimulating new thinking and motivating action, whilst also offering a great opportunity for high-level networking.

The special emphasis of the event will be on achievements in the fashion industry, creative approach and models of excellence. Acclaimed national leaders in the fashion industry will gather to debate, share and learn from each other for business improvement, positive social transformation and regional progress.

Key participants are CEOs and seniors, business leaders, investors, top experts on quality and strategic management, and leading healthcare service providers.

The majestic, luxury atmosphere of the elegant Westin Palace Milan gives an excellent opportunity to combine business networking and VIP relaxation. Participation in this high-level event will give you an opportunity to meet with the regional business elite, and find new partners and customers.


Identification and promotion of the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders because of their effective professional activity, contribution to the development of national economics, business, culture, science and education, medicine and healthcare;
Stimulation of competitiveness and expansion of international contacts of participants;
Demonstration of successful cases of the introduction of modern technologies, innovations and equipment;
Assurance of the availability of European professional development programmes for company executives and professionals from dynamically developing regions;
Creation of an international register of leading regional companies and organizations ‘TOP-100. Achievements-2019’, the register of best regional managers;
Encouragement of charity and patronage;
The popularization of regional brands in the media. 

All participants and guests can take photographs and video the event. 

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