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December 15, 2020

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Abai BaigenzhinThe Academic Union, Oxford heartily welcomes a new Honorary Professor of the AU in Healthcare & Education Services, Scientific Research.

Prof Abai Baigenzhin, Director General of National Scientific Medical Research Center JSC. 

National Scientific Medical Research Center JSC is one of the leading research clinics in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The clinic for 13 years is a leading medical institution providing high-quality medical care to the population, combined with the research process and new methods introduction of diagnostics and treatment.

Management system of NSMRC is certified according to the level of EFQM Models “Recognized for Excellence 5 *”.

The center's staff is the team of researchers, doctors, nurses and supportive staff which aimed to achieve three main goals: to provide patient care, development of medicine as a science and practical training of medical personnel.

NSMRC actively implements transfer of innovative technologies in the Republic of Kazakhstan in cardiac surgery for the treatment of complex forms of heart rhythm disorders, organs and tissues transplantation.

NSMRC is the coordinator of the international multi-center clinical trials, for example clinical trials using stem cells in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction, diabetes, liver disease (results presented in SWISS Medica (FDA), FDA (USA). Clinical trials are conducted in accordance with the requirements of GCP.

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