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martin2005We would like to welcome a new member to the Academic Union (AU) Board of Directors.

We introduce you Prof. Jüri Martin, Member of Estonian Academy of Sciences, honorable Scientist of Europe, Rector of University Euroacademy, and the member of EBA Speakers Bureau.

He has been appointed an AU Board of Directors member and the Chair of the ’Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development’ section. As a prominent scientist, Prof. Martin has a multitude of successfully conducted research programmes and produced articles in many different scientific publications in his field of expertise.

A thematic conference of AU with the support of Prof. Martin will be held in Tallinn, Estonia in 2015. The easiest way to get more information about Academic Union is to follow the link below.

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EBA events focus on a wide range of topics within the spheres of business and education.

Top calibre speakers participate in our debates, focus group discussions and conferences. These speakers provide the foundations for debate and discussion to further advance a positive climate for economic, cultural and educational cooperation.

Throughout the next year the AU aims to grow our network of speakers and welcome candidates to join our Bureau

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