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EBA-Oxford-2015 02 041A 2-Day Intensive Expert Session

'Association of Universities: optimizing funding, degrees and research'

Key points
• Academic excellence worldwide. Patterns and paths
• Globalization and networking. The benchmarks
• Questions of funding and association of universities
• Common degrees practices. Advantages and optimization considerations
• Common research projects: efficiency and maximization
• Case studies: University of Oxford, University of Harvard, and other tailored situations

September 26-27

13A 2-Day Intensive Expert Session

'Measuring quality and ranking at Universities & Creating Global Universities´ branches'

Key points

Academic excellence worldwide.

Patterns and paths Measuring university quality.

The main methods Best practices to measure quality The ranking question.

Advantages and Disadvantages The search of good positions in the rankings Expansion of Universities.

Branches and joint-ventures Case studies: International University Rankings & Creation of branches in China per UK Universities. 

November 20-21

13A 2-Day Intensive Expert Session

'Case Study of Alumni, Fundraising & Management Structure at University of Oxford'

Key points
Oxford University Management Structure: Key Positions and Responsibilities
Collegial system, including the relationship between colleges and the ‘central university’
Alumni Relations: Strategy, Communication Channels and Events
Fundraising: goals, priorities and campaigns

November 22-23

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