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The Academic Council of the Academic Union announces the establishment of Academic Departments on the basis of the Union.

AU department benefits:
- right to use emblems and symbols of the Union in business correspondence;
- privileged AU card ‘Premium Membership’ gives the right to use official services of St. George Tower Lounge which is the Academic Union office (2 Woodins’ Way, Oxford);
- Speakers’ Bureau membership (global marketing programme on author’s speeches organization in the Universities worldwide);
- conducting of webinars, workshops and guest lectures under the auspices of the Academic Union;
- studies reviewing and foreign scientific applicants consultation;
- expert evaluation on the contest papers submitted for the annual competition ‘Scientist of the Year’ in accordance with your department speciality;
- scientific research announcing in AU publication - ‘Socrates Almanac’, e-magazine ‘Leaders’Times’, official web-sites of the Union and its members;
- thematic conferences planning and organization on the basis of the Universities worldwide, round tables, author's seminars in the framework of Union members annual gathering in Oxford – EBA Reception;
- author programmes presentation during visiting sessions of the AU and guest conferences;
- priority right of books/ monographs/ brochures publication in Oxford;
- right to confer a title ‘Honorable Professor of the Academic Union ___ Department’

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