Nominal Open Grants of the AU
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Nominal open grants of the Academic Union

The Academic Union grants are aimed at providing support of fundamental research, participation in professional contests and the Academic Union conferences, publishing opportunities in the Socrates Almanac ISSN 2053-4736.
Each grant making company and individual will be provided with ‘Premium’ partner package.

Categories for the Academic Union grants:
• Grants for scientific publications in the Oxford anthology ‘Socratic Almanac’ ,
• Grants for the participation of students, graduate students, doctoral students in the AU conferences and its members in order to present the results of their scientific work;
• Grants for fundamental research;
• Grants for training / internship in the institutions of CRE and AU members;
• Grants for participation in the EBA open competitions ‘Science and Education’, ‘Stars of Medical Tourism’, ‘City of the Future’ .

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