‘University of the Future’
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An exclusive format of the Academic Union events.


Special partnership and discussion platform for higher education professionals and experts in the field of regional and global education management.


Presentations of the recognized specialists in the field of higher education about how they see the university of the future, what changes in higher education are foreseen for their universities and the region, what innovations are required or have been implemented in their institutions, are of great value to educational professional audience. The opinions of speakers and experts on the future of universities and potential challenges in higher education may coincide or differ but they are always extremely interesting for educational sphere professionals.


Advantages for Debate participants and viewers:

 - The debate is accompanied by live broadcast on the official channel of the Academic Union and is announced to professional audiences from 54 countries. 

- Speaking notes are published in a digest of scientific articles ‘University of the Future’ (ISSN 2053-4736).

 - The sessions are held in the VIP format (only 12 participants) which corresponds to the participants status and allows maximum comfort and attention to each participant.


Event format: 

- In the Partner session, each participant gives a brief presentation of his/her educational institution and cooperation offers.

In the Discussion session, the participants share their opinions on the University of the Future and present their successful experience of innovations in their educational institutions.

The summarizing part of the meeting is devoted to award the participants by the Certificates 'Oxford Debate Expert'

For successful networking, a business dinner and an exclusive Oxford tour are offered.


On May, 22 the Debate ‘University of the Future’ organized by the Academic Union was successfully held in Oxford, UK 


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• Does a crisis of classical University models exist on the way from industrial to digital Era?
• Your concept and aims of the University of the Future.
• What will be a business model for universities?
• What will be the university campus of the future ?
• What and how will university students study?
• What role do colleges play for continuing education?
• How to engage students to university model development?
• Does college education help develop practical skills and find a job faster? Should the syllabus be changed drastically?
• Does a college have any future without effective online education strategy, mixed education, implementation of digital studies?

• Universities should cooperate, not compete with each other. Are you ready to initiate communications,
• liaisons, and joint projects with other colleges around the world?


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Part 1

What to do to promote Medicine as an attractive and sustainable profession?

Is it possible to make any predictions about the future of medical education for the coming decades, taking into account experience, achievements and current trends?

Is there a gap between the training of doctors and the future needs of the healthcare sphere? What changes in medical education should be done to create the college of medicine of the future?

In the era of globalization educational institutions should cooperate, not compete. Are you ready for initiative contacts, all-round partnership and joint projects with other universities all over the world?


Part 2

Students need to study hard and long to get the right for treating people. Is there any problem with student motivation? What are effective recipes to improve  motivation to study?

Is the statement that everything begins  with the selection of medical students right? In your opinion, what is an effective system of admission of applicants to medical schools?

According to popular belief when training medical specialists, less attention should be paid to the basic subjects and more to ethics, communication skills and psychology in order to successfully influence patients and their families. Should the training of future doctors be aimed at meeting the multi-faceted needs of the patient, and not only of the medical science?

Can patient involvement be the future of medical education? Will patient evaluation help the medical students’ practice form a perfect doctor?

How to ensure the effectiveness of graduate employment? Can the factor of such efficiency become the main indicator of the quality of higher professional education?

The evolution of continuing medical education.


Part 3

Are global informatization and robotic medicine a challenge for a traditional college of medicine?

What medical professions will be the most in demand in the future? What new medical professions do you foresee? How to prepare for changes and keep up with the times?

The role and effective implementation of simulation training in the medical education.  

Successful cases of distance learning technologies implementation at the college of medicine. 

Accelerated medical education programmes reduce the cost of education and solve the issue of doctors' shortage, BUT does this method provides students with all the experience they need to achieve professional success?  

The advantage of creating educational and medical centres or clusters. Successful cooperation model examples between innovative clinics and medical educational institutions.

How to completely implement educational management programmes at medical colleges?

Is it possible to effectively combine personal medical practice with clinic management?


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