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The Academic Union Expert Centre is an independent provider of Expert Sessions in UK with the comprehensive range of topical seminars which are designed to ensure that both you and your institution gets the maximum return on investment. The best European professors and practitioners provide short-term seminars and a high-quality consultancy service in the field of educational management for higher education seniors with the corresponding issuance of Certificates of Attendance.

Academic Union Oxford together with the Academic Union Expert Centre launches a brand new learning programme in 2018 to highlight the latest field trends and modern challenges, and by the joint effort of presenters and programme participants to elaborate effective practical solutions in 4 main subject areas: business processes’ improvement, higher education administration, healthcare and city management. Lead British professors and European practitioners will provide quality overviews, case studies and moderate group discussions during the 2-3 day dedicated expert sessions in Oxford.

Small tr 44 topical learning modules
Only the most in-demand topics are united into 4 learning modules aiming at improving of participant’s professional skills and leadership competences. 4 dedicated topical modules include the following:
- The Executive Development Programme - for Business processes’ improvement
- The Healthcare Management Programme - for Healthcare administration in the Clinic
- The City Management Platform - for City managers and municipalities
- The Educational Management Academy - for Educational management in the University

Small tr 1Expert sessions in Oxford Academic Lounge and online
The expert sessions aim at executives in public and private sector, C-level management roles in healthcare facilities and the rector’s office of a Higher Education Institution. Oxford Academic Lounge hosts VIP format seminars and panels with limited participation providing the personalized attention to every attendee, high profile learning and networking environment. Distant participants can benefit from the online broadcast of the expert session, commenting and asking questions in the web-conference mode.

Small tr 6The Executive Development Programme key sessions
• ‘Successful Strategies of Expanding into Emerging Markets’
• ‘Managing Effective Change for Business Leadership & Organizational Success’
• ‘Digital Strategies for Successful Retail’
• ‘Developing an Effective Internal & Cross-cultural Team’
• ‘Modern Financial Techniques or How to Bring Profit to Your Company?’
• ‘Marketing for Senior Executives ‘
• ‘Financial Regulation in the UK: Framework & Practice During & After Brexit’
• ‘The Power of Effective Executive Communication’

Small tr 5The Educational Management Academy key sessions
• 'HE Management & Leadership. Alumni, Fundraising & Management Structure at Bristish Universities'
• 'Internationalisation in Higher Education. Multicultural Education'
• 'Marketing & Branding in Higher Education. Self-Branding for an Academic Leader'
• 'Educational Technology & Modernisation in Higher Education'
• 'Grant Management in Higher Education. Quality Assurance in Higher Education'

Small tr 6The Healthcare Management Programme key sessions

• ‘Healthcare & Hospital Management: How to Run an Effective Clinic?’
• ‘Medical Travel. Best Practice in International Patient Flow Management’
• ‘Quality, Accreditation & Safety in Healthcare’
• ‘How to Run a Successful Dental Practice’

The City Management Platform key sessions

• ‘City Excellence Master-Class’
Small tr 2• ‘Smart City: What Is It & How To Be One?’
• ‘City Branding: How to Create the Unique Identity to Your City?’
• ‘Place Management: the Complex Art of Attraction Development’
• ‘Eco City: How to Improve the Quality of Urban Life?’

Terms and Conditions
All expert sessions are provided in Oxford with an online broadcast in real time
Special accreditation fees are available for the Academic Union Oxford members, the Club of Rectors of Europe members, ‘EBA GLOBAL’ VIP Loyalty Programme members
Please contact Academic Union Expert Centre coordinators for details and accreditation 



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  • Original and finest blend of useful information and effective experience
  • B2B peer networking
  • VIP format, limited participation
  • Comfortable and user-friendly environment
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant



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