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Degtyar Andrey Olegovich

Degtyar Andrey Olegovich

(05/02/1957, Moscow, Russia)
Ukrainian scientist in the field of public administration. In 1979 he graduated from Penzensky Polytechnical Institute (now Penzensky Polytechnical University) with a degree in engineer-system.
He is a Doctor of Science in Public Administration with degree in 25.00.02 – mechanisms of public administration since 2005, Professor of Economics and Finance since 2006. Excellence in Education of Ukraine since 2005.
After graduation from Penzensky Polytechnic Institute Dr. Degtyar worked at this institution of higher education in the capacity of an Engineer in the research sector of ‘Technology Instrument’ Department. In 1981-1988 - Engineer of research sector, graduate student, Junior Researcher in Kharkiv Engineering-Economic Institute. In 1986 he presented his thesis in Economics. In 1990-1999 Dr. Degtyar worked at Kharkiv Polytechnic University as Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor. In 1994 he was granted the title of Associate Professor of Economics and organization of chemical and electrical construction industries. From January 1999 to August 2013 worked in Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance (1999-2001), PhD (2001-2004), Head of Economics and Finance ( from November 2004 to August 2013).
Since 2013 chairs the department of Management and Administration of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. Member of the academic councils of dissertations defense on Public Administration at the Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine and the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine (Kharkiv).
A member of the editorial boards of scientific journals ‘Current Challenges of Public Administration’, ‘Public Administration: Theory and Practice’, ‘Investment: Theory and Practice’, ‘The State and the Regions. Series: State Government ‘, ‘Law and Governance ‘,’Journal of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Series: State Government’.
Member of the Kharkov Regional Committee on Economic Reforms 2010.
Major spheres of scientific research: organizational and analytical support for the adoption and implementation of public administrative decisions; state regulation of innovative and investment processes in Ukraine; statistical methods in public administration.
Dr. Andrey O. Degtyar is an author of more than 200 published works, including monographs ‘Public Management Decisions: Information-Analytical and Organizational Support’ (2004), a number of scientific articles in professional journals on public administration, including ‘Using System Analysis in Public-Management Decisions Making and Implementing’ (2002), ‘Sociological Evaluation Mechanisms for the Adoption and Implementation of Public Management Decisions’(2004), ‘Information as an Attribute of State-administrative |Activity’ (2010), ‘Main Directions of State Economic Policy of Ukraine to Overcome the Global Financial Crisis of 2008’ (2011)," Informatization of Government: Current Challenges and Vector of Development’ (2011). He is also a co-author of the monographs ‘Financial Leasing as an Investment Mechanism of Agricultural Production’(2009), ‘Management Decisions in State Authorities’ (2011), ‘Administrative Decisions in Social Sphere’ (2014), ‘State and Regional Administration in the Social Sphere’ (2015), textbooks ‘Taxes and Tax System’(2005), ‘Strategic Management’(2007), ‘Statistical Methods in Public Administration’ (2010), ‘Public Finance ‘ (2011), ‘Statistics’ ( 2012), ‘Principles of Corporate Governance’ (2012).

Publication of A. Degtyar // Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine. Vol.7 D - D. - Publisher K. Institute of Encyclopedia Research, 2007-707pp.  

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