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Public Administration department

Mission of the department:

Formation of a fully developed competitive personality of a manager-analyst with a high level of knowledge of modern methods of analysis and development management decisions to fit for public administrations and the public joint-stock companies.

Components of the mission:
- providing comprehensive assistance to representatives of national elites in organization and conducting of scientific research in the field of public administration and related fields;

- scientific research carrying out in the field of public administration;

- consulting for justification of the relevance of research topics and coordination of research work;

- providingcomprehensive assistance in validation of the results of scientific research on challenges of public administration;

- scientific and information-analytical support for the members of national elite, employees of public administration, and the managers of public companies;

For mission carrying out the department fulfills the following types of work:

-          scientific support and research conducting by leading Doctors and Professors in the field of public administration research;

-          scientific management of young scientists’ research;

-          reviewing scientific articles and monographs;

-          preparation for publication, and publication of articles in periodicals registered in the international scientometric databases;

-          coordination of research activities in the field of public administration and related fields;

-          lectures and seminars delivering (topics to be chosen and confirmed by customer);

-          organization and conducting of conferences on public administration topics;

-          scientific justification for the relevance of research topics;

-          development of the research plan;

-          analysis of scientific publications on public administration;

-          examination of scientific projects in the field of public administration and related fields;

-          preparation for publication and publication of monographs on the challenges of public administration.

Topics of lectures and workshops:

  1. Administrative decisions: Theory and Practice
  2. Competitive Management
  3. Social Sphere Management
  4. Sustainable Development Management
  5. Innovations Management
  6. Personnel Management
  7. Public Financial Management and Budgetary Process.

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