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Europe Business Assembly (EBA) EBA sm

Europe Business Assembly, (EBA) is an internationally recognised independent corporation based in the world's centre for education and science, Oxford, U.K. Its mission is to provide the best platform for multi-lateral and bilateral dialogues between experts, educators, scientists, economists and business people with the vision to foster an international climate of positive cooperation and dialogue for the enhancement of economic and social growth and development. It is guided by the European Union's underpinning mission for integration and the support as well as contributions of member States to the aspirations of the Union. EBA has undertaken research and has processed since its inception 2,000 recommendations, statements and aspirations of over 60 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. EBA addressed important timely issues of integration, of economic sustainability, how to mitigate the negative impacts of the global economic crisis, global health and tourism, scientific inventions and accomplishments. EBA has published books, information catalogues, and has effectively used social media and other modern means of communication to provide information and to build a vast data of information to support members and participants. It has developed a Speakers' Bureau, consultants and experts of any field can be requested to provide their technical support to its members.


The Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE) CRE sm

The Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE), Oxford, Great Britain is an association of rectors, professors and academics from the major university and academic centres of Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
CRE is a non-governmental public organization dedicated to furthering communication and the exchange of ideas between rectors, deans and senior academics throughout the world. Throughout the year, members of the CRE gather at events facilitated by EBA to share their experiences to discuss new ways of managing and improving their institutions.
The CRE continues to inspire its growing members to positive action and its enlarged sphere of influence affirms the support of its members. It provides recognition of the achievements of its international members through a unique awards programme.


EBA Conferences, UK

EBA Conferences is a premium British conference and business network service provider. It provides excellent conference programmes and networking facilities. The Summit of Leaders had more than 6000 delegates and participants from over 56 countries since its inception.  




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